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Posted on May 20, 2020, in: Blog

Nails always seem to get overlooked when it comes to our at home pamper sessions. We always favour a face mask or hair wash and condition (instead of the trusty dry shampoo). The secret to pretty nails isn’t always going to a salon and paying someone to do it.. let me share some easy tips and tricks you can do at home to achieve that salon manicure. 

1) Upgrade your nail file

Invest in a crystal nail file. With investing in a crystal nail file you’ll find taking your nail length down takes half the time. Bin off them old, tiny, flimsy cardboard ones your got in a manicure kit at Christmas (we’ve all had them!) 

You should be able to get a crystal nail file from any high street drug store, make sure it has a soft grit as this will be a lot softer on your nails. If you run your finger along the top of the nail file and it feels like sandpaper, put it back and don’t let it anywhere near your nails! This will be painful and weaken your nails. Softer grit the better. 

Top tip- Crystal nail files can be washed and put in your dish washer so will last you years! 

2) Always apply a top and base coat

Applying a base coat under your polish will make it a lot easier to remove when the time comes and won’t leave you with a red stained nail plate! 

Top coats will give you that salon shine and also make it last a lot longer without as many chips! Try not to apply the top coat too thick as this could ruin all your previous work.

3) Cuticle oil

So what is your bedtime routine? 

Mine goes like this;

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise my face. 
  • Apply lip balm.
  • Tie my hair up.
  • Whack on my comfy pjs. 
  • Put my phone on charge.
  • Apply cuticle oil.

Okay, yes I admit! Not every night.. but most! 

We moisturise every other part of our bodies so why should our nails be neglected? 

Applying and massaging in a cuticle oil will help to nourish the nail and stimulate the nail growth! 

Prevent them dry hard stubborn cuticles. 

4) Push them cuticles back

You don’t always need fancy tools to remove cuticles! 

After you have had a bath or shower grab the corner of your towel or in my case your thumb on the opposite hand and ease the cuticles back. By doing this after a shower/ bath will help soften the cuticles and will make it a lot easier to push back! 

By pushing the cuticle back this will make the nails appear longer, and will make the painting a lot easier! 

5) Split nail crisis?

Don’t panic! 

We can save it. 

Grab a tea bag.

Yep, you heard me.. a tea bag! Don’t worry I’ve not gone crazy.

Open the tea bag and empty out the content! This should leave you with the outter lining. ( I’m sure there’s a more professional name for it, but you know what I mean) cut the tea bag into a big enough square to cover the split. Once you’ve done this apply a base coat all over your nail and while it is still wet apply the cut out square tea bag on top of the nail split. With your finger push down and remove any bubbles or ridges. Once it has dried smoothly into place go over again with the base coat and boom done. Nail crisis averted! The tea bag acts as a gauze over the split and will prevent it from getting caught! 

You can thank me later 💁🏼‍♀️ 

Once the base coat has dried you can then carry on with your manicure like normal

There you have it, my top 5 tips to achieve that perfect salon manicure from home! 

Simply Soph x

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